My Design Process


“Good design isn’t decoration. Good design is
problem solving”

When I am tasked with designing for a project, the first thing I do is to find what the problem or issue is. Once it is clearly defined, then it is necessary to ask questions in order to help set clear goals for the project. Some of these questions include asking what the needs of the stakeholders are, who the target users are, and what content needs to be shown. These questions help serve as a guide throughout the design process.

The next step would be to research current trends related to the project. Looking at competitors and even what companies are doing outside of the related industry may even give some insight on what may work better. Mostly importantly, research on the end users and what their needs are.


Once we find the necessary information, I move onto creating initial wireframes for the project. I can choose to use traditional pen and paper or Adobe products to sketch out ideas. As ideas and designs become more solidified, I move onto creating mockups and prototypes. In addition, with my graphic design background, I am also able to create visual designs from the wireframes and prototypes.


Throughout the process, stakeholders and people from other related departments need to be involved in the design. Having different perspectives and backgrounds is vital to good design. In addition, I believe in the importance of iterative design and consistently looking for ways to make something better.